A Propair King Air 100 aircraft on a runway
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A Propair King Air 100 aircraft with its engines running

Propair, expert in specialized and chartered air transport

Propair, a pioneering company in its field, is now one of the leading providers of air charter services in Quebec. With a fleet of ten pressurized turboprop aircraft, we are the ideal choice for your air travel needs.

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Private business flights

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Mining industry

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Personal travel

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Charter flights for events

"Propair is firmly committed to the safety of air chartering"

Étienne Lambert , President 

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Aircraft chartering allows you to mobilize an aircraft wherever you desire, according to your preferred schedule, whether it's for your private business flights or for your employees' travel.

For the transportation of special equipment, we have the expertise to ensure that your air cargo transport is optimal and secure.

All our aircraft can be easily configured to accommodate both passengers and cargo, thus meeting all your needs.

The Edgard transactional platform allows for sharing the charter service fees between private companies and employees of companies enrolled in the Edgard program.

The tail of a Propair King Air 100 aircraft

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