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Propair, Charter Expert

Founded in 1954, Propair stands out as the oldest company in its category, enjoying a dominant position in the specialized air charter industry in Quebec for several generations.

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    Acquisition of La Sarre Air Services by Mr. Émilien Pronovost

    Aviation becomes a family affair as Mr. Pronovost's four children join La Sarre Air Services in the following years. In 1980, his sons Jean and Louis take over the reins of the company.

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    The acquisition of La Sarre Air Services by Jean and Louis Pronovost

    From invoicing to aircraft maintenance, the Pronovost brothers juggle among various trades to ensure the company's services.

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    Merger of Air Fecteau and La Sarre Air Services to become Propair

    The purchase of Air Fecteau by the Pronovost brothers is a major turning point for the company, instantly tripling its activities. Propair's fleet even reaches up to 54 aircraft!

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    Propair begins its air medical evacuation services

    Propair becomes the first emergency air medical service company in Quebec to provide onboard healthcare personnel, allowing local nurses to stay in their communities! To this day, the company remains a key player in air medical evacuation in Quebec.

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    Acquisition of Propair by Mr. Étienne Lambert and partners

    Concerned about retaining the company's ownership in the region, the Pronovost brothers enthusiastically sell Propair to Mr. Étienne Lambert, a seasoned entrepreneur from Rouyn-Noranda.

Our Services

Chartering an aircraft provides you the opportunity to mobilize an aircraft wherever you need it, according to your preferred schedule. Our personalized charter services ensure increased flexibility for the transportation of your passengers and air cargo.

Propair provides rapid air medical transportation equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment across the entire Quebec territory.

Thanks to the diligence of our rigorous team, our aircraft are quickly transformed into equipped and secure air ambulances. Propair is thus able to respond to a medical emergency in less than 90 minutes.

Propair offers its expertise to private and commercial aircraft owners. We are committed to providing quality service through the experience, professionalism, and meticulousness of our seasoned team.

We adhere to the requirements prescribed by manufacturers and comply with Canadian aviation regulatory standards to ensure the safety and satisfaction of our clients.

As the manager of airport services at Rouyn-Noranda Airport for many years, Propair ensures the smooth operation of ground operations, thus ensuring flight safety and efficiency.

Our missions include signage, baggage handling, de-icing, and refueling.

Our Involvement

Propair provides a reliable transportation network and serves as an economic driver for the northern regions of Quebec.


Addressing the inadequate air service in northern Quebec


Taking action in response to the geographical vulnerability of First Nations


Taking measures to address the geographical remoteness of First Nations

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Picture of Propair's King Air 100 on a runway during summer
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Propair Expands to Toronto

Propair is now spreading its wings to Toronto, opening up an even wider array of destinations. This additional base enriches our offerings, providing our clients with extended access and enhanced flexibility.

Boost Your Career at Propair

Propair's activities are primarily driven by the talent and commitment of its employees, each contributing in their own way to the success of the company.