A picture of Propair's King Air 100 during a flight


King Air 100

Maximum capacity

9 passengers

Cruising speed

420 km/h

Allowed baggage weight

350 pounds

Allowed cargo weight

2000 pounds

Cargo door dimensions

23 inches by 50 inches

Reachable distance

2 000 km

Recognized for its versatility, durability, and reliability, the King Air 100 epitomizes the excellence of pressurized twin-turboprop aircraft, all at competitive rates.

Its advanced navigation equipment simplifies airport access, while its Pratt & Whitney PT-6 engines ensure quiet operation, superior performance, and increased resistance to extreme conditions, surpassing the King Air B100.


Illustration of the King Air 100 configuration during the charter of a passengers flight

Bespoke Business Travel

The King Air 100, with its capacity for nine passengers, is a perfect choice for private business flights. Enjoy a versatile and comfortable cabin, with personalized charter service ensuring a safe journey tailored specifically to meet your business needs.

Illustration of the King Air 100 configuration during the charter of a cargo flight.

Effortless air freight

The King Air 100 is ideal for affordable air cargo transport. With its generous capacity and versatile design, this aircraft provides an efficient solution for specialized air freight.

Whether it's transporting specialized equipment such as hazardous goods, mining equipment, or simply your personal belongings, the aircraft ensures optimal and secure operations.


Customized Configuration

Choose the number of seats and adjust the cargo space to transport any type of freight. Whether you're looking for the luxury of private business flights or secure air freight management, our aircraft offer total flexibility.

Benefit from a customized transport solution ensuring comfort and efficiency for every air charter


Rapid Conversion to Air Ambulance

The King Air 100 allows for the installation of two stretchers while retaining seating for four additional passengers.

Due to the meticulous attention of our dedicated team, our aircraft are quickly converted into fully equipped and secure air ambulances, ensuring medical evacuation in less than 90 minutes.


Charter the King Air 100 today

Chartering allows you to mobilize an aircraft for your private business flights and air cargo transport with total flexibility.