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A tailor-made solution for your air charters

Gain full control of your schedule by booking a private business flight for the transportation of your passengers and cargo.


Safe landings, even on challenging runways


Customized charter services available 24/7


Co-chartering available to optimize your travels

Air charter for all projects

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Business trips

An illustration of a miner's pickaxe

Mining industry

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Personal travel

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Hunting and fishing trips

A network connecting multiple destinations

Propair provides fast connections between many cities in Quebec and Ontario, simplifying your business travel. Choose our specialized charter service to optimize your efficiency.


Our fleet

Modal of Propair's King Air 100-medic

King Air 100

maximum capacity

4 passengers

stretcher capacity

2 stretchers

cruising speed

420 km/h

reachable distance

2 000 km

A model of Propair's King Air 100

King Air 100

Maximum capacity

9 passengers

Cruising speed

420 km/h

Allowed baggage weight

350 Pounds

Allowed cargo weight

2000 Pounds

Cargo door dimensions

23 inches by 50 inches

reachable distance

2 000 km

A model of Propair's B1900D


Maximum capacity

18 passengers

Cruising speed

518 km/h

Allowed baggage weight

1800 Pounds

Allowed cargo weight

5 500 Pounds

Cargo door dimensions

52 inches by 27 inches

Reachable distance

2 140 km

Air charter for all projects

Whether it’s for a private business flight, a private charter for groups, or for employee transportation, Propair ensures reliable and safe flights.

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14,000 square feet of storage

An illustration of a snowflake

Warehouses and refrigerated rooms

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Customized solutions for the industry

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Reliability, speed, and accessibility

Chartering an aircraft provides you with the opportunity to mobilize an aircraft wherever you desire, according to your preferred schedule, both for yourself and for the employees of your organization.

For all your charter flight needs, we guarantee speed, schedule flexibility, and cost savings for your business. You can also enjoy peace of mind with our comprehensive logistics service for your travels.

For secure air freight shipments, such as dangerous goods, mining equipment, or simply your personal baggage, we have the expertise to ensure the smooth operation of your operations.

Since 1989, Propair has been providing transshipment services for supplies and passengers to northern regions from the regional airport of Rouyn-Noranda. With our qualified technicians and storage facilities, we are your ideal solution for the management of secure air freight.

All our aircraft can be configured to accommodate both passengers and cargo, thus meeting all your needs. With our diverse fleet, you can choose the aircraft that best suits your travel needs.

Propair offers the flexibility to choose the aircraft that meets your transportation needs and to configure it according to your preferences to maximize your efficiency during your travels.

Register your flight on the Edgard platform to make your vacant seats available to program members and optimize your aircraft charter.

Edgard is an exclusive service for businesses enabling the sharing of charter service fees between private companies and employees of companies enrolled in the Edgard program.

Propair's King Air 100 for charter flight

Choose private flights available 24/7

Chartering allows you to mobilize an aircraft according to your needs. Requesting a quote will not entail any obligation on your part