Photo of Propair's B1900D aircraft on a runway during the summer



Maximum capacity

18 passengers

Cruising speed

518 km/h

1800 pounds

Poids des permis

5 500 lbs

Allowed cargo weight

5 500 pounds

Reachable distance

2 140 km

Equipped to accommodate 18 passengers and offering ample cargo space, the B1900D ensures utility and range for its travelers. It is suitable for take-offs and landings on short and gravel runways and offers one of the best price-to-passenger ratios on the market.


An illustration of the B1900D aircraft during a passenger charter

The B1900D: Comfort and Flexibility for Private Group Charter

The B1900D, capable of carrying up to 18 passengers, represents a top choice for personalized charter services. Enjoy the comfort and versatility of its cabin while benefiting from a customized rental service, designed to meet your specific professional requirements and ensuring a safe journey.

An illustration of the B1900D aircraft during a cargo charter

Optimize Your Freight Transport with the B1900D

The B1900D is an ideal choice for specialized air freight transport due to its ample interior space and load capacity of up to 2,000 pounds. With its spacious layout and power, this aircraft offers a reliable and efficient solution for air cargo transport, including hazardous materials, mining equipment, or your personal luggage.

An illustration of the B1900D aircraft during a passenger and cargo charter

Customize Your Private Business Flights with the B1900D

Select the number of seats needed and adjust the cargo space for transporting various types of goods. Whether for the luxury of air charter or the security of special equipment transport, the B1900D offers total flexibility. Enjoy a personalized charter service, ensuring comfort and efficiency with every aircraft rental.


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