An image of a King Air 100 aircraft from Propair on a runway.

King Air 100 Medical

King Air 100 Medical

Medical Team Capacity

4 professionals

Stretcher Capacity

2 stretchers

Cruising Speed

420 km/h

Reachable Distance

2 000 km

Thanks to the meticulous attention of our team, our aircraft are quickly converted into fully equipped and secure air ambulances.

Renowned for their versatility, the advanced navigation equipment of our air ambulances facilitates access to airports, allowing us to carry out missions in some of the most remote regions of Quebec.



Rapid Conversion into an Equipped Air Ambulance 

The King Air 100 allows for the installation of two stretchers, while retaining seats for four additional passengers.

Propair can convert an aircraft into an air ambulance and ensure an air medical evacuation in less than 90 minutes.

A model of the King Air 100 with a passenger configuration

Customized Business Flights

The King Air 100, with its nine-passenger capacity, is a perfect choice for private business flights. Enjoy a versatile and comfortable cabin, with personalized charter service ensuring a safe journey, specifically designed to meet your professional needs.


Charter Service

Charter the King Air 100 today

Chartering offers you the ability to deploy an aircraft for your private business flights, as well as for air cargo transport.