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co-chartering with Edgard

Edgard is a transactional platform that consolidates unoccupied seats on private business flights across Quebec and Ontario for all employees of member companies.

Edgard acts as a mediator between private companies with vacant seats on their existing charter flights and members of the platform with travel needs in Quebec and Ontario. The transactional platform thus helps reduce the number of available seats and optimize regional air service.

The platform's easy booking process allows users to plan their trips efficiently. Checking in at the terminal in under 30 minutes further reduces the travel time for users.

With the current unreliable air service, many commercial flights serving remote regions are frequently delayed or even canceled. Edgard's innovative solution provides a reliable alternative, allowing users to travel with tranquility.

The concept of filling vacant seats on existing charter flights ensures better profitability of air charters and reduces the environmental footprint of airplanes. With over 55 000 unoccupied seats annually at Propair, we aim to improve our energy efficiency through the Edgard platform.

Thanks to the variety of flights, users can travel to their destination and return home the same day. This flexibility not only allows clients to save on accommodation costs, but also reduces their travel time.

Picture of two travel luggage in an airport.

To address the urgent issue of insuffivcient regional air transport, Edgard offers an alternative to existing commercial flights. Edgard thus becomes the first compagny in Quebec to consolidate and market vacant seats on charter flights operated by regional air carriers.

  • Revolutionize regional air transport services
  • Offer existing vacant seats through co-chartering
  • Provide a solution to the insufficient supply of regional air transport

Edgard is aimed at businesses and organizations in Quebec and Ontario. Once enrolled in the Edgard program, all employees of the member company have access to the available vacant seats on the platform, for both personal and professional travel.

Edgard markets vacant seats on existing private flights in all regions of Quebec and Ontario, aiming to diversify the regional air transport offerings.


Is your company a member?

For the employees of your organization to benefit from the platform's seats, your company must join the Edgard program.