Aircraft maintenance engineers

Aircraft maintenance engineers are responsible for executing regular maintenance checks, diagnosing breakdowns and repairing defects.

Tasks and responsibilities

  • Troubleshooting an aircraft’s structural, mechanical or hydraulic systems to identify the causes of problems, and repairing systems according to existing specifications, technical drawings, manuals and methods.
  • Installing or making modifications to an aircraft’s engine, mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, flight control and fuel systems.
  • Dismantling airframes, jet turbine engines or other aircraft systems that must be repaired, refurbished and cleaned, then reassembled.
  • Carrying out and documenting regular and unplanned maintenance activities.
  • Ordering parts and supplies and keeping the related inventory.

To be eligible for a position as a Propair engineer, candidates must have:

  • A valid aircraft maintenance engineer license (M1 or M2);
  • A college diploma (DEC and AEC) in aircraft maintenance from an educational institution approved by Transport Canada;
  • Experience in the maintenance of fixed-wing aircraft and excellent knowledge of turboprop engines;
  • The ability to read technical plans and engineering orders;
  • Excellent knowledge of Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) and all aircraft maintenance standards;
  • Written and spoken fluency in English (to understand the contents of maintenance manuals and discuss technical issues with Anglophones);
  • Excellent communication and human relations skills;
  • The ability to work within a team;
  • A valid driver’s license;
  • The ability to obtain an airport pass issued by Transport Canada.


Salaries of Propair maintenance engineers are established on an annual basis, and depend on the collective agreement in force at the time. Salaries are also based on employees’ functions as well as seniority.

"Our team of maintenance engineers is dedicated and driven. Our work consists of conducting planned inspections, rendering diagnoses and repairing any defects brought to our attention by pilots or discovered during our inspections. We have the opportunity of exercising every aspect of our trade: avionics, the engines, the airframe, the flight controls or the interior or exterior finishing of an aircraft. This has the effect of creating a more versatile group of engineers while also supporting a team spirit based on cooperation." Alain Roberge, Propair aircraft maintenance engineer

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