Aircraft maintenance and handling

Aircraft maintenance

Our maintenance services are of the highest quality, thanks to the experience, professionalism and precision of our expert engineers, and to our strict adherence to manufacturer recommendations and applicable Canadian standards.

Propair also provides expert services to owners of commercial and private aircraft, as well as a comprehensive maintenance solution in conjunction with Airnav Électronique, a company that has been specializing in the installation, repair and certification of avionics equipment since 1977.

Aircraft owners seeking to optimize their investment can also benefit from our services in the areas of aircraft management and operations. The Propair team can oversee training of team members, compliance with applicable regulations, planning, flights, maintenance and charter operations.

Propair... the one-stop shop for all of your maintenance needs.


Since 1996, Propair has been offering supplies and passenger trans-shipment services from the Rouyn-Noranda regional airport towards Nordic regions. To meet a growing demand in this regard, a 14,000 ft2 facility was officially opened in December 2008. Equipped with refrigerated rooms, a state-of-the-art security system and safe unloading ramps, Propair’s handling centre offers tailored solutions for the storage and transport of foodstuffs, equipment and parts, hazardous materials and all other material required at Northern Québec work sites.
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